Take an environmentally-friendly approach to agricultural material-handling with one of our high-tech battery-powered electric telehandlers! Find out more about our electric telehandlers below!

With the latest lithium-ion battery technology capable of delivering true, petrol matching power – but with reduced maintenance, zero starting-hassle and no polluting exhaust emissions – it’s no surprise that farmers across the globe are increasingly turning to battery-driven agricultural machinery.

At Agwood, we’re delighted to be able to offer UK farmers and growers the world’s first ever electric telehandler; the Schäffer 23e.

High-end German manufacturers Schäffer have developed their cutting-edge electric telehandler to meet the needs of the 21st century farmer and have produced an environmentally-sound machine that’s ideal for indoor livestock businesses where animals and humans would benefit from the elimination of harmful exhaust gasses.

Schäffer’s electric loaders are compact units characterised by their ability to manoeuvre safely around space-restricted areas. Their compact design also makes them a great choice if you’ve got narrow gateways and tight corners to negotiate.

Very high-performance machines, Schäffer electric loaders send an impressive 21kW to the wheel drive – that’s equivalent to the power produced by a 28hp petrol engine!

The new-generation lithium-ion battery supplied with Schäffer’s electric telehandlers charges to capacity in quick-time and doesn’t suffer from the self-discharge and memory-effect problems encountered with lower-spec ni-cad and lead-acid cells. They’re also highly durable, lasting for around 5000 charge-cycles (approximately five years of average use).

Supremely flexible in use, our battery-powered front-end loaders are compatible with numerous attachments, from buckets, augers, bale-grabs and bedding-units, through to sweepers, silage cutters, scrapers and dual-blade mowers.

Here at Agwood, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service and have – through our 40-plus years of trading – developed an industry-wide reputation for our customer-engagement and aftersales service. All of our machines are subjected to a detailed pre-shipping inspection that ensures your purchase arrives fully tested and ready to go.

Should you be interested in buying one of our groundbreaking electric telehandlers/loaders, we’d be happy to supply you with all the pre-purchase information you require – just give us call, or drop us an email; we’d be delighted to help!

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