Viticulturists and orchard keepers looking for a compact and easy-to-manage tractor for inter-row applications should check-out our range below!

Large agricultural tractors are simply too big for use across vineyards and orchards. At Agwood, our range of smaller, horticultural-use tractors provides a solution to the problem.

Our fruit-picking & vineyard tractors are compact, easy-handling machines that can be manoeuvred between rows of extant crops without damaging them. They can fit through restricted-access gateways and down narrow lanes, and will prove easy to realign at the end of each pass. In short, our fruit-picking & vineyard tractors offer the perfect compromise between large-area productivity and confined-area manoeuvrability.

Every one of our dedicated fruit-growing tractors boasts manifold high-specification features – select models offer four-wheel-drive transmissions for high-grip traction on sharp inclines; air-suspended seats for a smooth ride over rough ground; and supercharged engines, which will deliver that essential bit of extra power whenever it’s needed.

Hard to beat when it comes to flexibility of use, orchard & vineyard tractors are compatible with a vast array of time- and effort-saving attachments and implements, from hedge-toppers, tree sawheads, air-cannon sprayers and flail mulchers, through to tillers, brush processors, tipping trailers and drag scrapers. They can also be paired-up with soil conditioners, spinner spreaders, flail shredders and tree skirters.

Massey Ferguson

Many of the machines in our orchard & vineyard range are from Massey Ferguson. Massey are a globally renowned manufacturer, with more than 170 years of accumulated design and engineering experience going into the production of each and every machine. The ubiquitousness of Massey tractors across the world serves to demonstrate their superior build-quality, exceptional performance and fantastic driver-comfort.

At Agwood, we’re committed to ensuring our customers have all the information they need to make the correct purchase. Our aftersales service is second to none, and we’ll even throw in a free pre-delivery inspection in order to guarantee your orchard/vineyard tractor arrives fully tested and ready for immediate action!

If you’d like to place an order for a fruit-growing tractor, or would like some pre-purchase information, please give us a call or drop us an email – we’d be delighted to help!

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