Whatever your preferred drilling-practice, at Agwood, we’re sure we’ve got the right type of seed drill for you! See below our range of tractor-towed seed drills!

For thousands of years, farmers and horticulturalists across the world have understood the importance of good seed-sowing in the growing of high-quality crops. Our tractor-pulled seed drills distribute seeds evenly and at the proper depth, preventing weed-seed germination, minimising wastage and stopping seeds drying-out in the sun, or being eaten by birds.


Many of our seed drills come from OPICO – they’re the UK’s largest independent distributor of garden-machinery, and, during their 50 years of trading, have gained a deserved reputation for innovating in order to meet the needs of farmers and growers across the country. OPICO are the sole UK importers of agricultural machines and attachments from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Denmark-based HE-VA, France-based Sky Agriculture and German-based Strautmann. All OPICO products are so well built, they’re able to be backed by an extended two-year warranty.

OPICO’s cutting-edge seed drills from Sky are highly flexible in use, with their twin hopper enabling the simultaneous distribution of seeds and fertiliser, two different seed-types, or seeds and slug pellets. Versatility is further enhanced by Sky’s provision of a secondary hopper that facilitates the distribution of smaller seed-types and granular herbicides.

Easy to pull, thanks to their low-disturbance design, our OPICO seed drills can be used with less powerful, lower-weight tractors – this reduces soil-compaction and provides a significant saving when it comes to fuel-costs.

Our OPICO seed drills can exert up to 250kg of coulter pressure, which can be prioritised to the rear-wheel press, centre-disc coulter or front-wheel, depending on the conditions you’re dealing with. They’re designed to be easy to maintain, with their recent re-design drastically cutting the number of parts used and making them simpler to remove and replace. They’re also supremely robust, employing heavy-duty, low-wear components throughout.

Adjusting the distribution-rate on our OPICO seed drills couldn’t be easier, with their variator gearboxes straightforward to control by way of a calibration disc and sliding lever.

If the idea of getting hold of one of our gravity-fed seed drills appeals, our knowledgeable showroom team would be delighted to have a chat in order to make sure you’ve got the information you need to be sure you’re choosing the model that best meets your farm’s requirements.

For your peace of mind, all of our seed drills undergo a rigorous pre-shipping inspection that ensures your purchase arrives in fully working order.

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