If you’re looking to purchase a new piece of cultivation equipment, then scroll down and take a look at our comprehensive line-up below!

Here at Agwood, we’re pleased to be able to offer a wide range of premium-grade cultivation equipment suitable for large-scale use within the agricultural arena.

From rollers and ploughs, through to power-harrows and subsoilers, we’re confident we’ve got a cultivator to meet the needs of the hardworking 21st-century farmer.


All of our cultivation & tillage tools are high-quality, heavy-duty units characterised by their ruggedness, simplicity of operation and exceptional large-area productivity.

Agwood deal only with the UK’s best-selling and most trusted brands, including Lemken, Teagle, HE-VA and Maschio.  Whichever brand you choose, you can be sure of excellent spare-part availability and superior post-purchase support.

King Rollers

Our fast-working 12.3m King Rollers from HE-VA have been designed and built to handle more substantial areas requiring heavier rolls. They follow the ground contours with supreme precision, so consistent results across the entirety of the field are guaranteed.

HE-VA King Rollers utilise the long-established Danish manufacturer’s SAT (Special Active Transfer) weight-transfer technology, whereby additional central-support bearings on every roll to ensure the axles aren’t exposed to excessive stress and strain, which in turn means a significant lengthening of product-life.

Thanks to an automatic hydraulic locking-system, HE-VA King Rollers can be configured for transport from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

Stealth Subsoilers

HE-VA have worked with OPICO to produce a Stealth subsoiler engineered to optimise drainage, improve aeration, increase nitrogen-uptake and limit grassweed germination, all with minimal disturbance to the soil – this makes them ideal for farmers who prefer the low-intervention, low-impact approach.

HE-VA subsoilers are incredibly tough machines and will cope with season after season of use and abuse across stony, heavily compacted soils. Their overall robustness is exemplified by their legs, which are tungsten-tipped and made from extra-strong Hardox 500 steel.

LED lights can be fitted as an optional extra.

Power Harrows

From Maschio – a company with over 50 years’ accumulated manufacturing expertise – our power-harrows have three key elements built into every model: strength, reliability and ease of maintenance.

They employ only quality-controlled, in-house-machined components, including tines, transmissions troughs and rotors – no matter how intensive its working-life, it’s certain to be a lengthy one!

All Maschio power-harrows have been designed to make their operator’s working-day as hassle-free as possible, with easy-access rotor bearings and QuickFit times that can be changed in a matter of seconds.


Germany-based company LemKen has been producing farm machinery since way back in 1780!

Like all their machines, their Juwel-series of mounted reversible ploughs are unbeatable in terms of dependability, user-comfort and the quality of what they can achieve in the field.

Lenken’s Juwel ploughs offer numerous high-specification features, including an electrohydraulic reversing-mechanism control that allows the plough tilt to be adjusted without leaving the driver’s seat; newly redesigned skimmers that enable no-blockage ploughing, no matter how challenging the conditions; and DuraMaxx bodies, which are made from extra-robust steel that ensures a greatly extended product life.

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