Whatever your lawn size – and whatever your budget – at Agwood, we’re confident we’ve got a time- and effort-saving robot lawnmower to suit! Scroll down at take a look!

On a fine summer’s day, would you rather sit back in the garden with a nice glass of white, or would you prefer to spend it traipsing up and down with a walk-behind lawnmower? If it’s the former, then one of our cutting-edge robotic mowers is for you!

With the arrival of high-tech robot mowers on the market, noisy, dirty and hard-to-push walk-behind petrol mowers are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Although they’re high-tech machines, robot mowers couldn’t be easier to use – simply layout the perimeter wire, set your desired mowing-times, and sit back and watch as your lawn is automatically trimmed. Once finished, robot mowers automatically return to their base station, where they’ll be protected from the elements until their next shift (they’ll also return home when rain is detected.

We’ve all returned from holiday during the growing-season to be confronted with a lawn that’s got out of control. Our robotic mowers provide the perfect solution to this problem, as they’ll get busy mowing, even when you’re away! Although robot mowers can be pre-programmed before you depart, they don’t have to be – they can be controlled from a Smartphone instead.

Lightweight units, our robotic lawnmowers place far less stress on the turf than heavy traditional mowers. They’re fitted with mulching blades that chop and re-chop cut grass, reducing it to fine, practically invisible particulates that will quickly decompose. The decomposition process releases valuable nutrients that will turn your lawn from dry and patchy to lush and verdant.

If you’re worried about security, don’t be! Our robotic lawnmowers boast pin-code activation that renders theft pointless. Gradients aren’t a problem either, with select models capable of operating on inclines up to 45%, thanks to their high-traction wheels and powerful drive motors.

All of our robot mowers are powered by new-generation lithium-ion batteries – you can expect fast charge-time, long run-times and improved longevity compared to outmoded lead-acid and nickel-cadmium cells.

Other key features on our robotic mowers include large LCD displays, which are easy to read, even in bright sunlight; object-detection sensors, which enable them to manoeuvre around any obstacles they might encounter; and automatic cut-out systems that maximise safety by ensuring the blade stops if they’re picked-up or turned over whilst mowing.







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