Gardeners interested in buying a new petrol grass-trimmer or brushcutter are certain to be able to find the right machine amongst our extensive range! Check it out below!

Whether you’re looking to put the post-mowing finishing-touches to your lawn edges, tree bases and fence lines, or you need to clear large areas of heavily overgrown nettles, scrub or bramble, we’ve got a petrol strimmer or brushcutter to help you get the job done with impressive speed and efficiency!


The majority of our petrol grass-trimmers and brushcutters come from STIHL; a high-end German manufacturer of premium gardening and landscaping machines for both domestic and professional users. STIHL’s petrol strimmers and brushcutters come in three categories: Lightweight Grass-Trimmers; Powerful Brushcutters; and Clearing Saws.

STIHL Lightweight Grass-Trimmers

As their name suggests, these strimmers are lightweight machines designed to be comfortable and easy to handle for any operator. Engine power-outputs range from an ample 0.9hp through to a beefy 1.1hp; machine-weights range from 4.2 to 5.2kg. Many of STIHL’s Lightweight Grass-Trimmers feature ErgoStart; an effort-saving system that minimises resistance in the recoil mechanism for easy pull-starts. These models come with twin-line cutter heads with bump-feed for hassle-free line advance with no need for you to stop the motor and attend directly to the head.

STIHL Powerful Brushcutters

STIHL Powerful Brushcutters are designed for heavier-duty jobs, but nevertheless retain the fantastic handling characteristics of their lower-weight counterparts. In addition to the standard line-head, these models can be paired-up with metal cutting-blades that will go through dense, well-established growth like a hot knife through butter. STIHL Powerful Brushcutters feature ‘cowhorn’ (or ‘bike) type handlebars; the sort favoured by landscape pros due the natural side-to-side ‘sweeping’ motion that they facilitate. Select models employ engines with STIHL’s latest 4-MIX technology – you’ll enjoy powerful performance, but with a marked reduction in fuel consumption and a significant cut in the emission of polluting exhaust-particulates.

STIHL Clearing Saws

If you’re looking for a brushcutter capable of dealing with the most arduous conditions, the thickest growth and the trickiest terrain, a STIHL Clearing Saw is worth serious consideration. They’re massively powerful, with the largest model rated at a huge 3hp and boasting a substantial 45.6cc cylinder capacity. With the fitting of an optional circular-saw blade, STIHL Clearing Saws will even take down saplings and smaller mature trees. Four-point anti-vibration systems enable day-long operation; while carburettor compensators ensure a dirty air-filter won’t cause a dip in power output.


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