If you’re looking for an out-front ride-on mower at a price that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to right place! Check-out our range of affordable front-deck ride-ons below!

At Agwood, we’re delighted to be able to offer UK gardeners an extensive range of out-front ride-on mowers from trusted and long-established Swedish brand Stiga.

Why should you choose an out-front ride-on mower?

Out-front ride-on mowers from Stiga offer numerous advantages over their conventional mid-deck counterparts. Firstly, their forward-mounted cutter-decks provide the driver with a clear, unimpeded view of the cutting-path, which in turn makes it far easier to accurately and safely follow complex borders and winding pathways; secondly, the grass isn’t flattened by the wheels prior to cutting, which leads to a neater and more even finish; and thirdly, the positioning of the deck means you’ll be able to access areas – such as awkward corners and underneath bushes – that would be impossible to reach with a mid-deck machine.

Our Stiga front-deck ride-on mowers benefit from 50:50 articulated steering. This not only confers an unrivalled level of manoeuvrability, but also ensures the back-end of the machine precisely follows the front, thereby eliminating any worries about accidental rear-impact and allowing the driver to concentrate on following the intended cutting-path.

Stiga front-cut ride-ons boast an array of attractive features, from simple electromagnetic blade-engagement, convenient electric key starters and comfortable, ergonomically optimised high-back seats, through to easy-read digital dashboard-displays, smooth, foot-pedal-controlled hydrostatic transmissions and low-effort power-assisted steering systems.

Not just lawnmowers, Stiga’s highly versatile out-front ride-ons can be paired-up with a host of attachments that will transform them into all-season workhorses. Available attachments include carts, collectors, spreaders and snow blades.

Stiga’s Combi cutter-decks – which are available separately – can either mulch or rear-discharge clippings, so they can be configured to suit the grass-length you’re faced with on any given day. They’re quick and easy to fit and remove, and they can be flipped up (Quick Flip) for cleaning and routine maintenance.

Our Stiga front-cuts employ premium OHV power-packs from either Briggs & Stratton, Honda or Stiga themselves. The higher-end models feature very high-performance V-Twin engines characterised by their super-smooth operation and immense torque output.

If you like the idea of maintaining your lawn with one of our front-cut ride-on lawnmowers, we’d be happy to help you make the right choice – we’re just a phone call away!

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