We’ve assembled a comprehensive range of petrol hedgetrimmers, any of which will make your gardening life a whole easier! Scroll down and take a look!

If your garden contains multiple shrubs and hedges of substantial size, a quality petrol hedgetrimmer is an essential bit of kit. Our petrol hedgetrimmers are powerful, high-performance tools designed with user-comfort, operator-safety and ease-of-use to the fore. You can choose between a wide variety of blade lengths and numerous different engine sizes, with all models boasting precision-engineered blades designed to cut super-cleanly with none of the twisting and ‘chewing’ that can lead to infection and unsightly discolouration.

All of our petrol hedgecutters are equipped with double-sided blades, which enable a fast bi-directional cutting-motion that ensures you’ll get the job done in quick-time. Blade-tooth spacing ranges from narrow to wide, with the former ideal for thinner, younger growth, and the latter suitable for woody, well-established growth.

Our versatile petrol hedgetrimmers are perfect for day-to-day hedge maintenance, but their precision design, lightweight handling and optimised balance mean they can also be used for creating complex topiary shapes in ornamental gardens.


Our best-selling petrol hedgetrimmers and hedgecutters are from STIHL; a top-end German manufacturer who’ve been supplying horticultural professionals and discerning domestic gardeners with premium garden machines for over 90 years.

STIHL petrol hedgetrimmers are some of the best-built machines of their type ever produced and have been designed to cope with the rigours of all-day, every-day use in the commercial arena. They’re characterised by their superior ergonomics, powerful cutting-performance and simplicity of operation, with all models capable of handling the sort of larger-diameter branches found in older plants.

Easy to start, STIHL petrol hedgetrimmers benefit from a manual fuel-pump that works to limit the amount of pulls required; and are equipped with an electronic ignition module that’s fully enclosed so as to prevent the ingress of damaging dirt and moisture. Select models feature ErgoStart; an effort-saving system that lessens the pulling-force required to achieve ignition.

Shock transfer from power-tool engines is tiring and can lead to blood-vessel damage and vibration white-finger. STIHL have circumvented this problem by furnishing all of their petrol hedgetrimmers with a highly effective anti-vibration system that dampens oscillations and minimises vibration-transfer to the handles.

STIHL 2-MIX engine technology

Employed throughout the range, STIHL’s cutting-edge 2-MIX engines have multiple advantages over conventional two-stroke motors. These include increased power-output; higher torque-output at all engine speeds; a 20% improvement in fuel economy; and a 60-80% cut in the emission of unpleasant exhaust particulates.


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