Clear leaves or tidy up after mowing the quick and easy way with one of our battery-powered handheld cordless blowers!

Electric leaf-blowers are restricted by a mains-cable and can be underpowered; petrol leaf-blowers can be hard to start and are generally heavy, noisy, dirty and thirsty. There is, however, a third way – the cordless leaf-blower.

Cordless leaf-blowers offers totally unrestricted mobility and are clean-running, ultra-lightweight, quiet in operation and don’t require fuelling-up. Their low-noise performance makes them particularly suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments, such as schools, parks and hospitals; while their remarkably lightweight design means they can be used for as long as is required without fatiguing the operator.

Our cordless garden-blowers might be lightweight, but that doesn’t mean they compromise on power and performance – our top-of-the-range cordless blower has a maximum air-speed of 75m/s – that’s 6m/s faster than our most powerful petrol leaf-blower.

Not just for leaves, our cordless handheld blowers can also be used to tidy-up after you’ve mown the lawn or trimmed your hedges and shrubs. If you’re clearing light-blocking, growth-inhibiting leaves from the lawn, there’s no need to bag them up – simply blow them into your flowerbeds where they’ll quickly decompose and act as a free organic fertiliser.

Combining the latest lithium-ion technology with super-efficient EC electric motors, our battery-driven blowers offer impressively lengthy run-times, with the batteries charging to full capacity far faster than increasingly out-moded nickel-cadmium and lead-acid cells. In addition, Li-Ion batteries don’t lose their charge during periods of inaction, so they’re always ready to use.


A sizeable chunk of our cordless leaf-blowers comes from STIHL. STIHL were established in Germany in mid-1920s and have ever since been designing and engineering premium-quality garden-machinery aimed exacting domestic gardeners and hardworking commercial landscape contractors.

STIHL handheld cordless blowers are exceptionally comfortable and easy-handling machines, with the lightest model coming-in at just 2.2kg. Features on select models include variable-speed control for adapting to different surface- and debris-types; multi-function control handles for a firm, positive grip and intuitive operation; and length-adjustable blower-tubes that can be configured to suit any user. Standard features include an LED indicator for at-a-glance checking of the battery charge-level; and an activation key that optimises safety by preventing accidental start-up when it’s removed.

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