Interested in buying a telescopic handler? Check-out below our extensive range from top brands Massey Ferguson and Schäffer!

Are you looking to get your hands on a new telehandler?

If so, here at Agwood, we’re confident we’ve got the sort of powerful, high-specification telehandler you’re looking for!

Used across the agricultural and construction industries, telehandlers are essentially giant forklifts, but have the added advantage of being equipped with a telescopic boom that extends forwards and upwards from the machine, giving the operator unrivalled lifting and shifting capabilities.

Our telehandlers are impressively flexible in use – they can be used with a range of versatility-enhancing attachments, from pallet-forks and muck-grabs, through to winches and buckets.

At Agwood, we’re pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of telehandlers from two globally renowned brands – Massey Fergusson and Schäffer.

– Massey Ferguson

U.S.-based company Massey Ferguson have over 170 years’ of accumulated design & manufacturing expertise and put the same care and attention in the engineering of their telehandlers as they do into their world-famous agricultural tractors.

Massey telehandlers go about their work effortlessly and efficiently and provide the sort of manoeuvrability and accessibility that are essential for the quick and easy completion of heavy-duty, large-scale lifting jobs.

They’re packed with premium features, including quick hydraulic couplers, clever, high-performance hydraulics and smooth, simple-to-operate hydrostatic transmissions.

Engine power-outputs range from 100 to 130hp; lift-capacities range from 3000 to 4300kg.

– Schäffer

Hailing from Germany, loader-specialists Schäffer are currently celebrating 25 years of telehandler production. In that time, they’ve become global leaders in the sector, with the build-quality, performance and attractive price-point of their machines helping them to become one of the market’s best sellers.

Like Massey’s telehandlers, Schäffer’s machines offer a host of high-end features, from their automatic High Traction Force system, which means there’s no need to downshift in order to achieve maximum thrust; and their Schäffer Power Transmission system, whereby the hydraulic drive is matched to the engine’s torque characteristics so as to ensure peak performance is achieved.

The lift-capacities of Schäffer telehandlers range from 350 to 1300kg.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about our line of telehandlers, please don’t hesitate to give Agwood a call – we’d be delighted to hear from you and happy to provide any further information you might need.

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