If you’re looking for a premium cordless hedgetrimmer at a price that won’t break the bank, then you’ve come to the right place! Scroll down to find out more about our top-quality cordless hedgetrimmers!

Why choose an electric hedgetrimmer with a restrictive and potentially hazardous mains lead – or a petrol hedgetrimmer with a noisy, heavy, dirty and hard-to-start engine – when you could opt for one of our cutting-edge cordless models?

Aimed at both landscaping professionals and exacting domestic gardeners, our cordless hedgetrimmers are amongst the lightest machines of their type ever produced and can be used for extended periods without fatiguing the operator. They might be impressively lightweight, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they lack power – these machines offer genuine petrol-equivalent performance-levels, but won’t burden you with the hassle that inevitably comes with any internal-combustion machine.

All of our cordless hedgetrimmers utilise new-generation lithium-ion batteries; high-specification units characterised by their speedy charge-times, lengthy run-times and lack of spontaneous discharge and memory effect. Lithium-ion batteries also have the advantage that they last for many more charge-cycles than lower-specification nickel-cadmium and lead-acid cells.

STIHL cordless hedgetrimmers

Our cordless hedgetrimmers come primarily from STIHL; a long-established German manufacturer credited with the development of the world’s first ever petrol-powered chainsaw all the way back in 1926. Since then, STIHL have been supplying commercial and domestic gardeners across the world with some of the best gardening and landscaping machines ever to come to market.

All STIHL electric battery hedgetrimmers are equipped with double-sided, dual-action blades, which have been diamond-finished – you’ll enjoy unbeatable cutting-performance with no stalling under heavy loads, and none of the branch ‘chewing’ that can cause plants to become terminally infected. The blades’ double-sided design means you can use an efficient lateral cutting-action and get the job in quick time.

Thanks to their smooth, contoured bodies, STIHL cordless chainsaws are easy to keep clean and won’t snag on branches. Blade-tip guards ensure you can work with confidence close to walls and other hard surfaces; while ultra-quiet-running motors eliminate the need to wear uncomfortable ear-protection.

STIHL also offer a cordless garden-shear ideal for maintaining and shaping shrubs and box trees. These compact, one-hand shears also come with a grass-trimming blade that can be quickly swapped for the shear-blade, no tools required.

To find out more about our cordless hedgetrimmers and shrub shears, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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