Looking for high-quality but affordable electric garden-shredders for sale in the UK? If so, take a look at our range of superior electric garden-shredders below!

Dealing with the waste generated by your garden couldn’t be easier than with one of our high-performance electric chipper-shredders!

Whatever it is you’re looking to process, be it hedge-clippings, grass-cuttings, woody pruning-debris, pine cones or deadheaded flowers, our powerful electric garden-shredders are more than up to the job.

Our electric shredders don’t just make life easier by reducing the volume of garden debris, they also produce a valuable mulch that’s the perfect consistency for speedy decomposition. Once the mulch has rotted-down in your compost bin, it can be used across flowerbeds and kitchen gardens in order to promote the healthy, vigorous growth of flowers, shrubs and vegetable crops. The mulch can also be spread around the base of plants so as to protect them from frost damage during the cold winter months.

Our two best-selling electric chipper-shredders are from ELIET and STIHL. ELIET are a Belgian manufacturer of premium garden-machines and have been producing and distributing them across the world for over 40 years; STIHL are a globally-acclaimed German-based company, which, since their foundation in 1926, have built a deserved reputation for supplying discerning amateur gardeners, landscaping contractors and professional forestry workers with machines of unwavering quality.

ELIET electric shredders

Our electric garden-shredders from ELIET are powerful machines capable of getting through substantial amounts of garden waste with impressive speed and efficiency. They’re compact and easy to store, and they benefit from a large feed-opening that eliminates the need to de-twig branches prior to in-feed. ELIET’s electric shredders are transport-wheel-equipped and come with a capacious collection bag.

STIHL electric shredders

STIHL’s electric shredders deliver the sort of superior performance, reliability and build-quality you’d expect from machines designed and manufactured in Germany. They offers lots of attractive features, including a touch pad for simple, intuitive operation; a lengthy mains-cable that means you can work a good distance from your power source without using extensions; and a Multi-Cut cutting-disc that facilitates the chipping of larger-diameter branches.

At Agwood, we understand how important it is for you to be sure you’re choosing the correct electric chipper-shredder for your particular garden. That being the case, we’d be happy to have a chat on the phone and help you make the right choice.


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