UK farmers looking to buy new grass & forage equipment will be impressed by our extensive range. Check-out our line-up of grass & forage equipment below!

Agwood are proud to be one of the UK’s leading online retailers of grass & forage equipment. Our comprehensive range of grass & forage equipment includes tractor-towed attachments to suit a wide variety of haymaking-needs and an equally wide variety of budgets.

Superior forage equipment is a must-have in producing the sort of premium grass that’s essential for healthy livestock and high milk yields – every one of our haymaking machines has been selected by us on the basis of the excellence of their design and their ability to help produce the best possible forage.

Our range of grass & forage equipment includes disc mowers, tedders, rakes, grass harrows and flail mowers, all of which offer superb build-quality and fantastic large-area productivity. Each machine is from a brand that comes under the umbrella of U.S. engineering-giants Massey Ferguson; a fact that serves to underline the sort high-end quality you can expect from our grass & forage equipment. Our brands include industry-leading names Opico, Maschio, Teagle, Major, Hesston, Fella and Massey Ferguson.

Disc Mowers

Our disc mowers are characterised by their high cutting-speeds and ability to handle the thickest growth. They’re equipped with conditioning rollers that help grass dry a whole lot faster – this makes them a great choice given the quick-changing British weather.


Used after mowing and prior to rowing, our tedders also help with speedier drying, in this case by turning-over and aerating the grass. This process results in better curing and leads to a marked improvement in both colour and aroma.

Grass Harrows

Our grass harrows are versatile machines that aid haymaking in numerous ways – they remove any stifling dead grass and encourage vigorous growth by getting rid of any strangulating accumulation of moss and thatch.

Flail Mowers

Our flail-mowers will take overgrown fields in their stride and can even deal with areas of out-of-control brush and bramble. They’re incredibly robust – if a flail strikes an immovable object, it will bounce off undamaged.

Whichever grass & forage machine you choose, you can be sure it will have undergone a rigorous pre-delivery inspection by our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff.

If you’re interested in buying a grass & forage machine online at Agwood, please feel free to give us a call and get all the pre-purchase information you need.

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