Take a safe, low-effort approach to woodcutting tasks with one of our many high-end cordless chainsaws listed below!

With protecting the environment becoming more and more critical, it’s time for zero-emission cordless garden-machinery to step into the limelight!

If you’ve ever worked with a petrol chainsaw you’ll know they can be incredibly noisy, highly unwieldy, hard to fire-up and difficult to maintain. Our cordless chainsaws eliminate all these problems – they’re super-quiet in operation, they’re lightweight and supremely manoeuvrable, they start at the push of a button and they require very little maintenance. The low-weight design of our cordless chainsaws doesn’t just make them more comfortable; it also makes them easier to control and therefore safer to use.

Lithium-ion battery technology

Utilising cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology, our cordless electric chainsaws offer genuine petrol-matching performance, but with none of the fuss and bother which comes with that increasingly outdated power-source. Lithium batteries have numerous advantages over less advanced nickel-cadmium and lead acid cells – they boast speedier charge-times and lengthier run-times; and they’re far more durable, lasting for many more charge cycles. In addition, they don’t suffer from self-discharge, so during storage, the charge-level will stay where it was at the point you last finished work.


STIHL are the go-to chainsaw manufacturer for commercial loggers, foresters and arborists across the world. At Agwood, we’re delighted to be able to offer UK homeowners and professional landscapers a range of STIHL cordless chainsaws, which incorporate many of the design solutions that have made their petrol chainsaws such firm favourites throughout the industry.

So as to prevent accidental injury, all of our cordless battery chainsaws are equipped with fast-acting chain-brakes that stop the chain in a split second should a tooth strike a knot in the wood causing the saw to ‘kick back’. Attractive features on select models include tool-less, dial-based chain tensioners that makes routine, as-you-work maintenance a breeze; transparent oil-tank viewing windows for at-a-glance checking of the fill-level; and automatic chain-lubrication for reduced wear and enhanced cutting-performance.

Whatever woodcutting task you’re looking to tackle, be it firewood preparation, pruning, DIY, felling, stand-thinning or logging, we’re sure we’ve got a machine to suit.

If you’re interested in buying one of our cordless chainsaws, give us a ring and we’ll point you in the direction of the right machine.

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