Manage your garden waste the easy way with one of our powerful petrol chipper-shredders! Find out more below!

If you’re maintaining a substantial garden that produces large volumes of both green and woody waste, our high-performance petrol-powered chipper-shredders will make your life a whole lot easier!

Our petrol chipper-shredders are an environmentally-sound way to deal with garden debris – they turn green waste into a highly compostable mulch that can be used to fertilise flowerbeds and veg plots; and they reduce woody material to valuable woodchips that can be used on pathways or for winter plant-protection.

Thanks to their employment of petrol rather than mains power, these chipper-shredders aren’t restricted by a cable, and can therefore be manoeuvred to the furthest reaches of the very largest gardens. They’re equipped with sizeable transport wheels, with select models boasting pneumatic tyres that absorb vibration and ensure maximum stability during operation.


Many of our petrol chippers/shredders are from ELIET; one of the industry’s biggest names in garden-waste management. Since they began production in Belgium in 1980, ELIET have gained a deserved reputation amongst both amateur and professional gardeners for the superior performance and rugged build-quality of their products.

ELIET Chopping Principle™

ELIET’s patented Chopping Princple™ works much like a hand-axe, going with the grain in order to cleanly split and cut branches. The resulting material is quick-rotting, and will rapidly release essential nutrients and micro-organisms that will help your flowers, shrubs, fruit trees and veg crops thrive.

Our most popular chipper-shredders from ELIET are the Maestro Country, the Maestro City and the Major 4S.

Maestro Country

The Maestro Country petrol chipper-shredder sports a high-output 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine and is equipped with 12 ELIET RESIST™ reversible knives capable of handling branches up to 4.5cm in diameter. A double wall and sound-damping material work to minimise the ‘drumming’ effect of chippings within the chamber, reducing noise-levels by several dBs; while an impressively capacious 80-litre collection bag ensures lengthy periods between breaks for emptying. The Maestro County petrol chipper-shredder is capable of processing 14 wheelbarrows’ worth of waste every hour.

Maestro City

The smaller brother of the Maestro Country, the more affordable Maestro City petrol chipper-shredder has a lower hopper aperture that makes debris in-feed that bit easier.

Major 4S

The Major 4S petrol chipper-shredder is a brute of a machine designed for both professional gardeners and discerning amateurs needing to process large amounts of garden debris in quick-time. An extra-wide in-feed chute means branches don’t need to be stripped of twigs prior to processing; while an all-welded steel-plate frame ensures year after year of unfailing service. The Major 4S is driven by a seriously powerful 9hp Honda four-stroke engine and boasts a series of 20 razor-sharp hardened-steel blades. The productivity rate is a speedy 24 full wheelbarrows per hour.

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