Interested in buying a new lawn-rider or lawn tractor? We’re sure we’ve got the lawn-rider or lawn tractor you’re looking for! Take a look at our comprehensive line-up below!

At Agwood, we’re delighted to be able to offer gardeners across the UK an extensive range of ride-on mowers, from compact and easy-handling lawn-riders capable of fitting through narrow gateways, through to powerful garden tractors characterised by their fantastic large-area productivity and ability to haul to the heaviest loads and attachments.


Our lawn-riders, lawn tractors and garden tractors come from Mountfield; a famous name in British garden-machinery design and manufacture for over 50 years. In that half-century-plus of business, Mountfield have kept customers coming back again and again, thanks to their constant development of new machines and their refinement of existing models. When you buy a Mountfield ride-on mower, you can be sure you’re getting a great machine at a great price.

Whether you’re maintaining a fine, formal lawn, or an informal long-grass area where appearance isn’t important, we’ve got a garden tractor to suit. Our mulching tractors are ideal for the former, as they finely shred clippings so that they’ll quickly rot down and disappear, leaving the surface neat, debris-free and naturally nourished; while our side-discharge tractors are a good match for the latter, as, instead of collecting clippings – which is impractical for very long grass – they distribute them in neat rows to the tractor’s right-hand side.

We’ve got lawn-riders and tractors to suit a wide variety of lawn sizes, with our smallest model (72cm) perfect for areas up to 4000m2; and our largest model (108cm) a good match for areas up to 10,000m2.

You can choose a classic manual-drive model, or, if you fancy a bit more comfort and manoeuvrability, you can opt for one of our hydrostatically-driven models, which offer smooth, infinitely adjustable ground-speed control via a foot-pedal – much like an automatic transmission car.

Our lawn & garden tractors offer plenty of practical and convenient features, including wash-ports for hassle-free under-deck cleaning; electromagnetic PTO activation for effortless blade engagement; and powerful headlights for safe operation in low-light conditions.

With the purchase of an optional tow-hitch, our garden tractors can be turned into to all-year workhorses. Many handy attachments are available, from carts, sweepers and spreaders, through to aerators, rollers and sprayers.

If you’d like more information about our range of lawn-riders, lawn tractors and garden tractors, please don’t hesitate to give our knowledgeable team a call!

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