Massey Ferguson are proud to announce the all new MF 1700 M series of compact tractors. All are powered by the latest stage V compliant engines delivering powers up to 67hp. The MF 1700 M series combines compact dimensions with powerful performance.

Included in the MF1700 M range is the MF 1755 M with 54hp, and the MF 1765 M with 67hp, perfect for farmer and smallholders requiring a lightweight and compact tractor. Both tractors come equipped with a mechanical gearbox and are available in cab and platform versions. These are ideally suited for small fields, vineyards, orchards, specialist crops or equestrian centres. Fitted with 12 forward and 12 reverse mechanical gearboxes as standard. This offers four gears in three ranges which are changed by levers mounted conveniently alongside the seat.

The MF 1735 M and MF 1740 M make easy work of mowing, both tractors come with well-proven, improved HST hydrostatic transmission and a choice of versions with a platform or cab.

What Massey have to say

“Equipped to a high specification, the powerful MF 1700 M Series is designed and built to provide excellent performance in a wide range of horticultural, amenity, municipal, grass care and agricultural applications,” says Francesco Murro, Director Marketing Massey Ferguson Europe & Middle East. All models come with four-wheel drive as standard, plus a choice of a comfortable, quiet cab or with a platform, as well as hydrostatic or mechanical transmissions to perfectly match the task and users’ requirements. These new, well-equipped tractors complement the existing 20hp, MF 1520 and 25hp, MF 1525 models. With its compact chassis the MF 1700 M Series is the perfect choice for those looking for a narrower and lighter tractor than the MF 3700 Series and MF 4700 Series, which begin at 75hp. “With the introduction of the MF 1700 M Series Massey Ferguson has now completely renewed our entire range of tractors dedicated to the smaller farm, groundscare and amenity sectors,” says Mr Murro. At the same time, we took the opportunity to greatly increase the compact tractors’ specifications to boost productivity and comfort for both professional and occasional users. “The new MF 1700 M Series is also a perfect fit with Massey Ferguson’s current tractor line-up, providing more models and an even wider choice for professional farmers and operators,” he adds.

MF 1735 M & MF 1740 M

 Both tractors are available with a new factory-fitted, three-blade, 60-inch-wide mower deck. With its drive-over design it is simple and easy to mount. Cutting heights are adjustable from the seat in eight stages from 25mm to 115mm and the deck offers 150mm of ground clearance, thanks to the larger tyre sizes. To meet the strict Stage V engine emission standards, the common-rail engine is fitted with All-In-One after-treatment. This system, which offers automatic regeneration, contains all the components in one compact unit, which is mounted under the bonnet with no impact on visibility and requires no additional maintenance. At 1,065mm, the comfortable cab is wider than before. Standard air-conditioning ensures it is a cool workplace, and it’s quiet too, with low noise levels of just 76dB(A). For further comfort there is an optional air-suspended seat. Operators will find all the controls easily fall to hand, with an adjustable steering column ensuring they can always sit in the most comfortable position. This modern design also provides a heated rear window, two USB sockets, a 12V charger port and even a specific holder for the essential mobile ‘phone. It’s also ‘radio ready’ coming equipped with an aerial and speakers. Platform models have foldable ROPS protection as standard and come equipped with operator controls to the same standard as those with cabs. Both tractors have a three-range Servo HST hydrostatic transmission as standard, which offers top speeds of up to 34km/hr. It is easy to use with a single foot pedal, and a separate forward/reverse shuttle lever mounted conveniently under the steering wheel. Adjustable cruise control, on which operators can set the sensitivity, further eases operation and maintains the set speed without using the HST pedal. This helps operators easily achieve optimum productivity and accuracy to maintain the perfect finish when, for example, mowing golf courses. With high specification PTO drive and hydraulics, the MF 1735 M and MF 1740 M operate and control implements with ease.

MF 1750 M & MF 1765 M

 Power is delivered by a 2.41 litre, turbocharged four-cylinder engine with common rail fuel injection, which complies with the strict Stage V emissions standard with All-In-One after-treatment. A new memory switch enables operators to store two engine speeds. This improves convenience, particularly when using PTO powered equipment, allowing the driver to select the perfect speed at the touch of a button. The three-range Servo HST transmission combines high productivity with ease of use. Operation is by a single floor pedal, with direction changes made using a shuttle lever by the steering wheel. Cruise control further eases operation, allowing operators to save a set speed that is engaged with the press of a switch when the tractor is moving. It is disengaged simply by pressing the HST or brake pedal. This useful feature helps operators maintain maximum productivity with ease. It also allows them to concentrate on improving the quality of work by focusing attention on implement settings, height and steering. During operation cruise speed can be adjusted with a lever on the right of the steering column. A new rotary dial sets the acceleration rate, enabling operators to control how quickly the transmission responds. It’s also now possible to set a maximum speed. In common with the smaller models, these tractors have a single 2,000rpm mid-mounted PTO and two-speed (540/750) independent rear PTO with soft start as standard. The same new Auto-PTO mode, which disengages the PTO when the tractor is stopped or in reverse, is also standard. The tractors are built for hard work, with lift capacities of 1,580kg on the MF 1750 M and 1,600kg for the MF 1765 M, enabling them to handle larger, modern implements. With oil flows up to 48 litres/min, the tractors are equipped to operate a wide range of modern implements. Two rear spool valves with joystick control are fitted as standard.

 Massey Ferguson MF 1700 M Series specifications